Saturday, February 19, 2011

What I stared at all week from the couch

This week definitely did not turn out as I expected, although it started out lovely. Valentine's Day for Eric and I is never a big deal. We'll try to steal some time together by going out to dinner or coffee or something like that, but we're not big gift, card or flower givers. This year I got a big, unexpected surprise. A friend of Eric's happens to be the #1 florist in California currently and he works out of Chico. So Monday morning in walks Eric with this work of art, a bouquet of flowers. I've decided that I would much rather have a "work of art" bouquet occasionally than Costco roses for every holiday. Anyway, after this lovely beginning I ended up spending the rest of the week lying on the couch staring at this bouquet because I had the flu.

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